Courtney puts her student work force at Cornercopia Student Organic Farm to good use. They’re helping her grow, harvest and sell 48 weeks of 130 different veggies on 40,000 sq. ft about 1 acre), in Minnesota. With over 14 years growing experience, Courtney knows how to produce, and you’ll hear how she does it, plus recommendations from her university -supported crop trials. A tomato that tastes smoky. The crop they eat in all the Star Wars movies. A strawberry for fall sales. A crop that sells for $20-$27/lb., wholesale. Plus lots more – getting chefs to pay for your niche crop experiments; supplying 3 major sales channels; clover paths that convert to beds; the weather app that’s so accurate it’s creepy. Tune in for lots more lessons from a campus farm that pioneered organic, back when conventional ag said it couldn’t be done.

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