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Bruce Manns says, “It’s not a bad thing to be a business person in the inner city.” Doesn’t sound like your typical urban farmer do-gooder, and Bruce isn’t. Sure, his York Fresh Food Farms shares the same mission as other non-profit farms, but he’s following a different playbook. He knows grant funding is fickle, and inner cities need commerce as much as charity. So he’s building up a mobile market business and mentoring an inner city entrepreneur who’s passionate about bringing the good food movement to the ‘hood. He’s also going out of bounds by re-selling tropical fruits because guess what? Non-local can be healthy too. The big reveal in Bruce’s story is that he’s aiming to cover 100% of his farm’s operating expenses with his sales next year.  As he says, “That’s remarkable for a non-profit urban farm!” And a best practice we encourage more to adopt.

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