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Stefan Butler is a classic SPIN-Farming success story. After he bought the SPIN guides, he used its multi-locational model, gaining and losing many plots over the years. He’s now  amassed 93,000 sq. ft. (about 2.3 acres) and built a six figure farming business – without owning any land, without having to hire much outside labor and without having any formal ag training (that was probably a plus).

He uses the marketing techniques all SPIN farmers do: Put yourself out there. Tell your story. Build your brand. And re-build it. He bought the SPIN guides and started out as Good Time Farming because, well, he was having a blast. Sales came fast and easy. Over the years his community became even more aware of the value of healthy food, and Stefan got a lot more serious. That’s when he became Nutrient Dense Farm to reflect what he feels is the real point of farming. It’s captured in his tag line: Building Nutrient Dense Soil to Grow Nutrient Dense Crops

He’s gotten into biodynamics over the past few years, but the key to Stefan’s business success is demographics. The average income in Squamish is $88k and that has allowed Stefan to far exceed SPIN’s average $2 price/unit. Stefan says for those who understand intelligent food (high quality food), price is never an issue. He also says his best marketing tool is shared values. “When you relate to a customer and share the same values through conversation, those are by far your best customers.” As more consumers put their money where their values are, expect more success stories like Stefan’s!

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