The people you’ll meet on this site have been called many things. Gardener happens to be one of them. And that has earned them yet another name – Hero – because gardening brings out the best in all of us.


Here, you’ll meet Garden Heroes in all shapes and guises. Some are high-minded;  others are plain thinkers. Some are motivated by principle; others by pragmatism. Some seek purposeful exercise;  others want lower food bills. Some use gardening as an escape; others use it to address the most pressing issues of our times. What unites them all is their exceptional gardening accomplishments.


You’ll get from them the optimism that is typical of all gardeners, as well as inspiration to bring out qualities you may not have used in a while, or maybe didn’t even know you had. Industriousness, Inventiveness. Ingenuity. You’ll learn how to make your own gardening more fun and fulfilling. The rewards – good health, fitness, self-reliance, fellowship and new career opportunities, all crop up naturally.  Start being the best you can be.  You’ll be in great company.