If you missed Marcus’s Member Meetup on June 24th, you can still catch the replay by becoming a Backyard RIches member.  Marcus Riedner is a tech sector refugee with a steel trap mind, his implementation of SPIN-Farming’s multi-locational model was hyper-analytical and bottom-line driven. He’s got yard sharing down to a science and will hand out the Memorandum of understanding he uses at our next Member Meetup.

Garden Hero Member Meetup With Marcus Riedner on May 24th at 2PM EST

Marcus Riedner, owner/operator of Happiness By The Acre

Marcus  is no purist. When he committed himself to farming in 2011, he researched broad acre food forestry, agroforstry, silvoculture, permaculture key line systems and SPIN-Farming. What he’s come up with is his own brand of farming.His buzzword for it? Happy.

Now after 2 years in business, he’s increased his urban space by 700% and his revenue by 400%. He knows how much you should count on under performing the first year, what per cent of crop loss to expect, and how long it takes to accomplish all farm tasks. (he uses an app that tracks time by the minute).  He’s selling through an innovative 20 member urban farming collective and he’s got big plans for those 153 acres he owns in the country.

Find out how he manages his 6 yards, why his DIY solar-powered mobile cooler didn’t work out and why “good enough” is perfect and much more in by joining Marcus in the Backyard  Riches community. As an extra bonus, you’ll be connected with thousands of other accomplished growers who are using the Backyard Riches learning programs to turn their gardens into cash machines.

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