Rex got the Backyard Riches program for Christmas, and started posting in the member’s forum in 2015 when he had just a few chickens and some spin-dried lettuce in a washing machine. He didn’t know a SPIN bed from a segment. Now the owner/operator of Cackleberry Farm is organically certified, 5 hoop houses, and he’s targeting $100k in 2018 from 54,000 sq. ft. in 2018 with the help of his hard-working family work crew. Find out how he does business development, his low-tech solution to inventory management, his cheap but super-efficient processing area, his bed numbering system that makes recordkeeping and work flow management sooooo easy, and how he runs his farm like a food factory. See how it all happened in just two years in this Member Meetup. If you would like to attend future meetups, you can become a member here.

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