Mark found his calling to farm in Africa, where he labored as a Peace Corps volunteer with subsistence farmers in the Togo bush. How did he end up as a SPIN farmer in Madison WI? It’s a fascinating journey that includes a pilgrimage to meet Masanobu Fukuoka, and the study of biodynamics with Ruth and Dick Zinniker.

It was sheer necessity that led him to SPIN- Farming, which he places right up there along with all the big farming gurus in its importance to his success. His farm business, Voss Organics, encompasses a 400 square foot backyard hoophouse and 3,000 square foot city lot, as well as two of his neighbors backyards.

Mark is pushing the limits of SPIN’s revenue benchmarks by pursuing a unique business opportunity – selling seedlings instead of crops, and is one of the few certified organic urban farmers we know.  Grow with Mark and all the other backyard farming pro’s at Backyard Riches, the go-to place for people just like you who use its learning programs to start thriving businesses in their own yards and formed a community to help others follow them down the path to growing their bank accounts. If you’re not ready to go all-in just yet, get a taste of what starting a backyard-scale farming business is like from our members with a month-to-month membership here.

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