Rod is a case study of how and why SPIN-Farming has taken root. He had no problem finding cropland in the city. All it took was one radio interview.

Then he found others wanting to become SPIN farmers too. He helped train them up, and together they are now answering the question how many SPIN farmers can one city support? And how can they work together smarter, rather than alone and harder? They are doing something right….they now have a warehouse, industrial grade cooler, and 1,000 CSA members.

But Rod still has his own business and customers, and this year he’s targeting $55k on 30,000 sq.ft. If you’re a Backyard Riches member, you can find out how he’s figured out how to scale up while staying small at our next Member Meetup. If you’re not a member and, like Rod, want to  build up a local food economy from the ground up by starting your own backyard farming business,  purchase our learning programs. If you’re not ready to go all-in just yet, get a taste of what starting a backyard-scale farming business is like from our members with a month-to-month membership here.

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