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Why aren’t we eating good food? The answer to that question brought Max Valyear to the brink in 2013: there was no good reason. So he set out to produce it himself.

He bought a bike and the SPIN-Farming guides and tore up some lawns. Three years later he has a business, and his town is starting to see food a whole lot differently.

As owner/operator of Green Wheel Farms, Max is pedaling healthy food all over Belleville ON. Corner stores carry it. Deli’s and restaurants serve it. His neighbors now know what a CSA is and are thrilled to be a part of his.

Green Wheel Farms is spread out over front lawns, side yards and vacant lots, and it’s showing where real food comes from, and why it is better. Max is super excited to get up and go out to work every day, and his customers are healthier for it. They’re eating better for themselves, for their families, and for their neighbors. But most of all they are doing it for Max, who survived his mid-life crisis by bringing micros to the masses.

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