Once they decided to turn their gardening skills into a backyard farming business, Annabel and Eric did everything right to create Bay Branch Farm in Cleveland OH. They set up an accounting system to track customers, revenue and expenses; developed marketing tools and logos; set up a business entity for tax purposes, spent a lot of time marketing.


Eric Stoffer and Annabel Khouri, Bay Branch Farm

First year’s gross was $4,517 on 5,000 sq. ft. working as a team about 20 hours per week. Since then they have moved, honed their growing skills, developed an impressively varied crop repertoire, and established multiple sales channels. Now they’ve got 6,500 sq.ft. and a hoop house and are looking to target $10k. But they also want to achieve something more – a new farming ideal that combines the best of both worlds – city and country. Find out how they and thousands of others are making the transition to full-time farming in the Backyard  Riches community. As an extra bonus, you’ll be connected with thousands of other accomplished growers who are using the Backyard Riches learning programs to turn their gardens into encore careers and significant income.

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